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Interest-free installment payment service

Editor Nick 2021.01.02



We announce the list of banks providing interest-free installment payments services in 2021.

Interest-free installment payment cards from January to June



. Hyundai card l 2~7 months

. Nonghyup card l 2~6 months

. Kookmin card l 2~5 months

. Shinhan, Hana card, Samsung l 2~3 months

. BC card l 2~6 months (~ until March 31st)





. All the surgery and procedure costs are open both online and offline.

. Costs do not change regardless of the payment method.

. We provide cash receipt when the payment is conducted in cash.

. There are various types of payment services available by each country. For more information you can inquire from our coordinators.



Thank you.



* Posting update : 2021.03.04