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Hiring an operating room nurse.

Editor Nick 2021.04.12



. Application period l April 1st ~ June 30th

. Work type l 5 days a week 40 h or 4 days a week

. Exception l International residents can also apply with a visa status only of F2, F5, F6



Qualification and main responsibilities



. Those who have a nurse (or nurse practitioner) licence

. Those are able to apply IV and IM (nurse or nurse practitioner)

. A nurse or nurse practitioner with an experience of over a year

. Main responsibilities are operating room scrub or treatment



Work time and salary



. 5 days a week 40 h or 4 days a week.

. Sunday and public holidays are days off

. Week day 9 a.m ~ 6 p.m or 10.30 a.m ~ 7.30 p.m

. Saturday 9 a.m ~ 5.30 p.m



. Nurse with 1~3 years of experience: 30,000,000 ~ 35,000,000 annual salary.

. Nurse practitioner with 1~3 years of experience






Additional information



. One can choose the work type between 5 days a week or 4 days a week.

. Retirement pension subscribed in the form of DC.

. Can be supported by the Youth Support program (below 34 years old).



. Email address:

. Telephone number l 051-710--0787, 010-2902-0095

. Address: Busan, Jung-gu Gwangbok-ro 73, 4~5th floor



We are looking forward to your application. And we hope that the candidate that we are looking for will the one who loves his job

and possesses the ability to assist others and work with them. Thank you.



* Posting update : 2021.04.12