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We begin providing back, body, and facial care.

Editor Nick 2022.04.30



We used to offer spa services until last year. Our customers were satisfied with the services. Unfortunately, we had to stop it due to Covid-19 even if we had an excellent infrastructure.This is a measure taken to protect and go with skincare programs.



For several months we have been receiving continuous inquiries from our customers regarding the spa services. Our clinic members were also longing for spa procedures. Therefore, after long contemplation, we have decided to offer the Back, Body & Premium Face program. The content is as follows.





. Content l Back, Body & Premium face care

. Duration l 2h 20 min

. Program l Footbath 10 min - Backcare 40 min - Face 90 min

. Cost l 330, 000 won (VAT included)

. Spa therapist l Park Juhee.



Therapist Park Juhee has been working as a spa therapist for over 17 years. I must admit her excellent skills. The program above is done only by Park Juhee in a private spa room on the 5th floor of our clinic. Footbath is included as a free service in this program. Face care is also included, and one can choose cosmetics (Rejuran, Civasan, or Yonka) that can be used during the procedure. We are excited to offer you such a program because we know for sure that you will be interested and enjoy it.



Thank you.



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* Posting update : 2022.06.11