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Newly-introduced skin booster Juve look and V-RO lift!

Ria 2022.06.13

We would like to introduce a new skin booster Juve Look and a more upgraded V-RO Lift.

Juve Look is one of the most popular skin boosters. It is a highly effective skin booster that solves most skin problems. Along with the tone-up effect, it removes fine lines, improves skin elasticity, tightens pores, and smoothes out acne scars.

V-RO lift is an upgraded version of Doublo Gold. It targets different skin depths, including sensitive areas such as the area around the eyes. Moreover, there is little to no pain from the treatment.

We recommend V-RO and Juve Look not only to our existing customers but those clients who consider visiting us for the first time. If you get V-RO and Juve Look treatments regularly, you will be able to significantly delay the skin aging process.

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* Posting update : 2022.06.14