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Introducing the change of services in 2023

Ria 2022.12.12

We would like to announce that the membership service is discontinued in 2022.

The membership service that has been in progress for a while is going to be cancelled. Despite the excellent benefits of membership service, we have decided to stop this kind of service because it was hard to periodically manage it.


Starting from 2023, we will introduce a new service, 5+1.

For those who purchase 5 sessions of skin care treatments, such as laser, skin care facials, and other skincare procedures,
one additional free session will be provided.

The purpose of changing the service is to allow you to receive more periodic treatment. We will also check it together with you.

There is no perfect way to any skin treatment, unless the treatment care is done periodically. This way you can achieve the greatest effect. Therefore we introduced the 5+1 service. It is a more reasonable service in terms of both effectiveness and cost. Therefore we recommend our customers to actively use the 5+1 service. Thank you!

* Posting update : 2022.12.12