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Introduction of a whitening Origin skin booster!

Ria 2023.02.27

Origin is a skin booster that has been recently upgraded and introduced in our clinic. It has multiple effects such as whitening, skin elasticity improvement, and pore tightening, but the most important one is the 'whitening effect'.

Origin consists of cultured human skin fibroblasts, which promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the skin to make the skin tone bright and healthy.

The reason why She's Plastic Surgery actively introduced Origin is due to its outstanding whitening effect. In addition, to make Origin more accessible, we created injective treatment as well as skincare facial programs. These are 'Tone Up Origin' injective treatment and 'Origin Booster Care Facial' treatment. While Tone-up Origin procedure is performed by the doctor, Origin Booster Care is performed by the skincare therapist.

Getting consecutive treatments is very important for whitening procedures. If you are worried about melasma and pigmentation, don't hesitate to get 'Tone Up Origin' and 'Origin Booster Skin Care Facial' at She's Plastic Surgery. We would like to share this news and recommend this treatment as a priority to our clients.

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* Posting update : 2023.02.27