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The relationship between diet and plastic surgery -Face

Most people are very curious about the relationship between diet and plastic surgery. There ever some people who think that diet is the best method to completely change yourself and it will always improve the result of plastic surgery. In contrast, there are another proportion of people who do not think so. Therefore, in today's post, I am going to try to give  a detailed information about the relationship between diet and plastic surgery and satisfy the curiosity. Below are the frequent questions regarding the connection between diet and plastic surgery

1.  When loosing weight, the line of double eyelid changes. 
First of all, the line of double-eyelid has nothing to do with diet and losing weight. The only thing one must know is that if a person loses much facial fat, the fat around eyes will decrease accordingly.  As a result, the shapes of eyes will become different. Very seldom, when there is not much fat in eyelids, the line of the double eyelid may seem thick and dark. But it is not true that line of the eyelids change as a result of diet. 

2. When loosing weight, the form of the face changes. 
This is one of the most frequently and quite common questions that our customers ask us. Usually, the form of face is bound to changer when the fat in the facial area decreases. However, as far as the  fat in double chin, cheeks and corners of mouth are concerned, it is hard to remove fat from these areas solely through the diet. Moreover, when removing fat from facial areas completely, the skin may get saggy. 

3. When losing weight, the nose becomes sharper and more prominent. 
Well, the reason why it is so is that much amount of fat has been lost. It is not about nose bridge becoming sharper and prominent but since fat is lost from the facial area, it looks like like that. In the reality, nose bridge will not become higher or prominent just because of losing weight. 

For those who are planning to undergo a fat grafting surgery, we do not recommend to go on a diet. The reason is that the transferred fat should be well fixed and grow in the transferred area. However, if one tries diet and loses weight, that might negatively affect the result of the surgery and eventually lead to the disappointment and dissatisfaction with the surgery. Thus, what we earnestly ask our customers is to undergo a fat grafting also called fat transfer surgery only by maintaining their body weight. 


* Posting update : 2020.09.10