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Why Does SHE鈥橲 Have So Many Skincare Programs?

鞎勳瀴 2023.10.12

She鈥檚 Plastic Surgery is a clinic specialized in anti-aging surgeries.

Our main surgeries include eye and face wrinkles removal procedures. In fact, most of our clients visit us for anti-aging treatment.

However, if you look at our website, you may find more laser and skincare procedures than surgeries. That鈥檚 why we sometimes receive the following questions.

鈥淲hy does a plastic surgery clinic like She鈥檚 have this many skincare treatment procedures?鈥

鈥淎re you specialized in skincare procedures?鈥

To avoid any confusion, we would like to inform you about our main procedures and explain the reason why we offer so many skincare programs.

We have been offering skincare services since our establishment. We created many skin care packages so that our clients who had undergone a surgery can keep visiting us even after the surgery. Hadn鈥檛 we provided skincare services, not many patients would have revisited us until now.

Thanks to various skincare programs, we have been able to attract many returning clients.

Skincare programs have become a channel through which our surgical clients could visit us comfortably. With this as a foundation, we have started attracting foreign clients. 2008 marks the beginning of this very journey when we decided to reach Japanese clients through simple laser treatment procedures.

15 years have passed, and we are so honored to have many frequent Japanese skincare clients who have undergone anti-ageing surgical procedures. The same goes to Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Mongolian clients.

Skincare programs, which were initially developed to retain returning clients, became the first step in our journey of attracting foreign clients. And She鈥檚 Plastic Surgery has become a trustworthy destination for clients seeking wrinkles surgeries from all over the world. Moreover, it has also become a must-visit skincare place to foreigners who travel to Busan.
Thank you.