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The pricing policy of She鈥檚 Plastic Surgery.

One of those things that the majority of customers are curious about before they visit the plastic surgery clinic is the price.

Which surgery best suits my case, and how much is it? These questions are the main criteria for helping people make choices.

However, most people harbor suspicion regarding the prices. The reason is that sometimes the difference between the price presented on the Internet and the price after the consultation is big.

However, She鈥檚 Plastic Surgery is against all of these wrongdoings. Our prices are open and transparent online and offline. There is almost no difference in price presented online and offline at our clinic.

Most of our customers know our business philosophy well and can proudly prove that our clinic is far from the price manipulation to earn more money.

Therefore, they do not stop trusting us and regularly pay a visit to She鈥檚 or recommend it to their friends and families.

The same philosophy applies to our international customers. Both local and international customers pay the same price for cosmetic surgeries and procedures. Just because they are our international customers, it does not mean that we must charge them more.

Moreover, we do not force and practice excessive treatment. We recommend only the necessary types of surgeries or procedures for each customer.

Additionally, all kinds of payment methods are available at our clinic. We are trying our best to implement the most convenient payment methods for our customers.

Regardless of whether one pays in cash or by a card, the price does not change. So you can visit us without any worry because we are doing our best to provide the most excellent service in all sense.


* Posting update : 2021.01.11