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Language buttons in the head



She's Plastic Surgery has achieved inducing close to 2000 foreign customers for Medical Tourism in 2023, according to Korea Health Industry Development Institute. We appreciate our customers who have visited us again after the pandemic and are always at your service to provide a comfortable environment with warm welcome.






To improve our quality of service, we have reorganized our interpretation team, and there I have joined as English Coordinator. However, as we become busier with customers from various countries, sometimes I was needed as a supporting interpreter for other languages that I am knowledgeable.






Currently I am covering English and Japanese at the clinic. This indeed boosts up my self-esteem; it excites me a lot and I am happily working every day. Sometimes I need to switch the language every few minutes as I have customers with each language at the same time. Each moment I change the language it seems like I have buttons in my head that I turn on and off. Those days I end up mixing all the languages in my head! Luckily, I have not done it in front of the customers yet. Well, having said that I am getting scared! Fingers crossed!



   Editor_sunny 旯靹犿潿

* Posting update : 2024.03.19