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'U' know, B'U'SAN? - 1. Gwangbok-ro & Nampo-dong



The area where She's Plastic Surgery is located, including Guwangbok-ro and Nampo-dong, used to be the heart of Old Busan. Talking about Old Days, it refers to the period of Korea's liberation and the Korean War. Many people fled south to escape the war, and with even the provisional government being established in Busan, the city naturally became bustling. The market had been established as the refugees started trading with whatever they can sell; eventually leading to the formation of what it looks like nowadays. Later, the City Hall was also situated in this area, it played a pivotal role in Modern Busan.



Today, it has been transformed into various themed streets such as Fashion Street, BIFF Square, and the Gukje Market area, attracting a constant flow of tourists. From the escalators leading up to Yongdusan Park where Busan Tower stands, to Lotte Mall, the cultural complex, Nampo-dong is gradually evolving, blending the tradition and modernity.






1. Arirang Street : The food alley you can find Korean food, traditional items as Hanbok and jewelry. It would be quite unique dining experience to sit on low, small stools.

2. Everything Street : A place filled with diverse and unique items ranging from electronics to soundquipment and fashion items.

3. Lights street : An alley adorned with colorful, twinkling and beautiful lights.

4. Youth Street : A street where you can enjoy browsing clothings, shoes, and accessories.






1. BIFF Square and the Nampo-dong Theater District flourished in the 1960s with the heyday of 20 theaters clustered together. Since 1996, with the Busan International Film Festival being held, the area was named BIFF Square. Even now, it remains a cinema paradise crowded with movie enthusiasts.

2. Hand Printing Street allows you to encounter handprints of filmmakers and actors/actresses that will leave a mark on the history of cinema.

3. The night at BIFF Square is another point you might want to experience. The food stalls lined up along the streets are filled with people enjoying the night in Nampo-dong.



All the above locations are within walking distuance form She's Plastic Surgery. It is highly recommended to explore the historic centre of Old Busan before or after your appointment with us!



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* Posting update : 2024.03.21