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Civasan Balsam Kit, Oasis for your dry skin



Today I would like to introduce one of our Home care Cosmetic Products called Civasan Balsam Kit. We do have a premium facial programme using this, but you can continue to be cared at home as well!



There are customers with dry skin, and their skin gets chapped. To solve the problem, normally what they do is to exfoliate which causes even worse dryness. If your skin gets dry, it is much easier to have wrinkles and fine lines, and eventually you look less young. I personally would say that moisturising can be considered as the key factor to have healthy, young, and beautiful skin.






Civasan Balsam Kit is highly recommended for very very dry skin. The kit consists of two ampoules and one cream; all are used step by step. Here I decided to try the sample and share the effect with you, so that I can show how it works actually. (Apologies in advance, I am sorry about my horrifying face without any make-up. lol)






I used it in the evening started with ampoules. Then I put the cream to layer the protection so that the moisture does not go away. My skin absorbed the ampoules like a sponge; I immediately felt that my face was less tugging. What surprised me the most was that the effect continued until the next morning!



If any of you concern about dry skin, I strongly recommend Civasan Balsam Kit. It will surely be the Oasis of your skin issue. In addition, why don't you combine it with our Premium Civasan Care session in between? I assure you that our therapists will pamper your skin with professional divices and techniques!



Moist your skin, and be WATERFUL!



   Editor_sunny 旯靹犿潿

* Posting update : 2024.03.27