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Korean Glass Skin Care...?!



Recently I am receiving lots of inquiries about Glass Skin Care available at She's Plastic Surgery. Initially I wondered what on earth it is, 'Glass Skin Care'. Is it a facial program with glasses? (Like stone massage, for example.)






After several customers asking about it, I finally decided to search for it on the net and found few reviews and v-logs about it. 'Korean Glass Skin Care' was the key word; but WHAT is it exactly? What I have found was that it is a facial care that cleans your skin so that it looks like a clean and clear skin as glasses. (Aha!) The program had peeling, moisturizing, and soothing; the detail differs from clinic to clinic though.



At She's Plastic Surgery, we have a Facial Program called 'Aqua Peeling'. I believe this will be the cloest one to so-called 'Glass Skin Care', as it does contain peeling, moisturizing, and soothing in the program. There, we combine the Spa Massage Technique by our specialized therapists for absolute refreshment and relaxation.






I have been receiving number or requests for making appointments each day, and normally we are very fully booked! If you are planning to have clean and clear skin, I definitely recommend this program; just plan well in advance and contact us for blocking slots for your preferred date and time!



   Editor_sunny 旯靹犿潿

* Posting update : 2024.03.29