High-class facilities

First-class facilities, Healing and private


Excellent and comfortable facilities

She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic takes up 200 square meters and consists of 2 floors. They are divided into surgery and skincare area. All plastic surgeries are conducted on the 5th floor while consultation and skincare procedures are held on the 4th floor.

Surgery area is a special private space for customers. It includes spacious and clean operation rooms, patient rooms, and a quiet recovery room where customers can have a rest after surgeries.

Skincare area consists of 6 separate spa therapy rooms and laser treatment rooms. All types of procedures are performed in specially designated private rooms and couple treatment or procedures are also available. On the 5th floor there is also a shower room in the VIP spa therapy room. You can have a high hotel class service level at Medical Spa of She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic.

All surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures are done in well-equipped, excellent, comfortable and most importantly private rooms. She’s Plastic Surgery Clinic is located at the center of the touristic place of Busan, Nampo-dong which means you can enjoy both treatment and sightseeing at the same time.

* Update : 2020.07.14