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[Notice]There is only one She's Plastic Surgery Clinic

Editor Nick 2021.01.03



If you search "She's Plastic Surgery Clinic" on the Internet, you can see many similar names. Therefore, there are many people who confuse our clinic for other ones, and there are even some people who visited other clinics thinking that it was our clinic.



However, She's Plastic Surgery Clinic has nothing to do with other clinics with the similar names.



She's Plastic Surgery is located in Busan, Jung-gu, Gwangbok-ro and is run by the main plastic surgeon of this clinic Dr. Kim Kyeong Ho.



Moreover, we would like to make it clear that there is no other plastic surgery clinic with this name especially in Busan, Jung-gu area.





In addition, She's Plastic Surgery Clinic has been run for a long time with the following clear business philosophy. It is famous for its anti-aging surgeries among local and international customers.



Most of the customers visit She's Plastic Surgery Clinic by recommendations from their friends, family members or acquaintances.



High-qualified employers assist the plastic surgeons, surgery costs are open for the public. We are doing our utmost and paying more attention on improving the service quality, facilities at the clinic rather than the speed of the growth.





In conclusion, I would like to mention once again that there is only one She's Plastic Surgery Clinic in Busan, Jung-gu area which has been established since 2000. We would like you not to forget it.



Thank you.



* Posting update : 2021.06.01