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This is Kim Kyung-ho from She's Plastic Surgery

Ria Posting update : 2022.12.09

Dear clients!
How are you doing?

This is Kim Kyung-ho.
I'm the director and main plastic surgeon of She's Plastic Surgery.
It has been 22 years since I established She's Plastic Surgery in Gwangbok-dong.

After the difficult times of corona pandemic,
there seem to be more foreigners coming to our country.
There are many people who come to mind.

Though there were many ups and downs,
we could keep on prospering thanks to all of your support.
In the process of running the clinic,
I keep on learning what is best for all of us.

Thank you for always trusting us and visiting our clinic.
I would also like to give thanks to our foreign customers
who visit us from far away.

She's Plastic Surgery Clinic
will be more devoted to its original values
no matter how much time passes by.
Thank you.

Kim Kyung-ho
She's Plastic Surgery